Marketing Research

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Consumer research is a part of market research that identifies intention, motivation, and purchase behaviour of target population. This study provides valuable information about customer psychology and detailed purchasing behaviour profiles.

AAU studies enable marketers to quantify levels and trends in customer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and behaviours. AAU studies are valuable when periodically tracked and compared against a clear set of competitors.

A corporate image study, like a brand equity study, measures the perception of an organization among stakeholders, both in its actions and in its positioning in the market.

Developing a solid corporate image generates opportunities for customer testimonials, case studies, product reviews, and awards that can provide the social proof needed to earn new customers’ trust.

The Website Evaluation is fundamental for companies to keep updated on digital touchpoints and increase successful communication with customers. For this, it is necessary to test and validate the efficiency and effectiveness of the different online media to follow market trends and promote the company’s innovation.

A sphere of influence is the region over which a group or institution has the power to retain stakeholders.

A study allows an understanding of the level of influence over the consumer in each market and what are the positive and negative aspects that directly or indirectly affect the company.

Performing this type of testing allows the testing of various packages on various products to understand the level of consumer acceptance of the packaging even before the product arrives at the supermarket.

The image of a brand consists of its representation conceived by the consumer. This type of study implements analyses that aim to understand the consumer’s conception of it.

A market segmentation study allows you to divide your market to create smaller, homogenous groups of people to monitor them and extract valuable information to guide your company’s next steps.

The study of advertising aims to understand the efficiency of a company’s advertisements and at the same time aims to explain which the best communication channels are to use to increase its number not only of followers but also of customers.

A feasibility study is crucial for any project before it starts since it analyses a scope of relevant factors (including economic, technical, legal, etc.) to ascertain the likelihood of success.

A satisfaction study measures the level of consumer satisfaction in the purchase of various products or services from your brand and is considered a crucial tool for understanding points for improvement or opportunities for investment.

An activity that seeks to understand and measure the extent to which an event based on public satisfaction. Identifies strong and weak points, mapping themes and preferences for future editions.

A comparative study of the company with other references in the market where it operates to optimize results, reduce costs, and increase the profit margin of the business.

A research-based on the consultation of existing sources, having as objective the support on documents made by third parties as a form of support for decision making

The study made through direct observation of particular social groups in their natural environment aims to understand customs and actions.

Eye tracking is a unique research method mapping of a person’s visual behaviour to understand what most captures their attention in different types of experiences.

The data that contains greater variety, arriving in increasing volumes and with more velocity, that may be interconnected and that can be processed in such a way as to present various useful information not only for decision making but also for predicting future events.

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Data analysis and processing

A database is a tool for collecting and organizing information and can store different types of information.

Statistical calculation programs are programs used to perform statistical analysis with previously obtained data.

The use of different statistical software is essential to our work, so we can understand the cause of your problems and consequently find the most appropriate solution for your business

For a more concise, practical, and easy understanding, we understand that the elaboration of statistical tables and charts is an asset for the constant monitoring of statistical data of any business.

Nowadays market logics needs to obtain concrete and real data that subsequently mirror the real interests and needs of the market, thus exposing business opportunities.

To make a business decision it is necessary to take into consideration several factors that may not have equal importance. Multivariate analysis is a set of methods that allows the simultaneous analysis of multiple measures for each individual or object to identify factors and relationships for better solutions.

The process of exploring large amounts of data to find consistent patterns that can shed light on questions and boost predictions.

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Quantitative Data Collection


  • Face-to-face interview

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)

Focus Groups


In-depth Interviews (individual and dual)

In-depth interviews are highly recommended for companies that need more detailed information about a particular study, as this category of data collection allows for a layered understanding of the individual consumer’s perception of various types of issues that can be explored in a survey.

The accompanied shopping is a way to obtain data about a certain brand, its experience, and what all this conveys to the customer. This way a hired person is recruited to execute a purchase in a pre-defined place, all the steps may be followed by an interviewer that will have the function of investigating the client’s buying process and draw a buyer’s profile based on the client’s motivations for choosing products and brands.

Behavior observation consists of viewing and recording patterns of behavior of clients or individuals in general. What distinguishes this format is the non-intervention of the observer, thus ensuring the impartiality of the data collected.

Real-time monitoring of occupancy at events, transport, stores, etc.

Product testing is a reliable way to test ideas for new products or to test the image that an existing product has on consumers, in order to understand market and consumer acceptance of a particular item, to lower risks and to ensure its success.

They are a methodological form of research that involves the participation of respondents in each location, to obtain responses to different experiences. Most of the time these experiences take the form of stimuli and are widely used in the beverage market.

A mystery shopper is a person hired to evaluate and reveal the quality of your services and products. So the contractor will pretend to be a regular customer to check the quality of customer service



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